«Yuzhny polyus» LLC — Russian sunflower oil

Youzhny polyus  - Russian sunflower oil
Yuzhny polyus

Many peoples in Russia and all over the world buy «Krasnodarskoe maslo» — edible sunflower oil, every day. Key brands of the company are Russian sunflower oil “Yuzhny polyus”, “Krasnodarskoe otbornoe”, “Zhivoy yantar” and “Meridian” soap.

Our company has been producing sunflower oil since 2000. We have many of satisfied customers throughout the world. And we have an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and service, and all our products are manufactured in Krasnodar territory, Russia.
«Yuzhny polyus» Russian sunflower oil is the choice of a modern consumer. Our consumers appreciates natural taste and cares about his or her health. Our food and cosmetic products are based on natural raw materials. Materials passes through several stages of strict quality control. So you can be confident in high quality and safety of our products.

Our responsibility is confirmed by the certification of the quality management system ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001: 2008) and safety management system based on the principles of HAACP. GOST R ISO 9001 certification confirms the compliance of quality management systems with the requirements of state standard. The company also passed HACCP safety management certification (risk analysis and critical control points related to food safety) and it meets the requirements of ISO 22000-2007.

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