Our products

We produce Russian sunflower oil of three trademarks. All trademarks have high quality, so interested for customers. Also we sell sunflower oil in a flexitanks and sunflower oil granules meal. Information about all our productions you can get from our managers on telephone or e-mail.
On all phones active whatsapp or wechat.

Krasnodarskoe otbornoe

«Krasnodarskoe otbornoe» — is a local brand. Our factory placed near famous city «Krasnodar», so we have this cooking sunflower oil.

We prodcue Edible non-GMO sunflower oil in PET bottles or fexitanks. We have bottles of 0.9 liter, 1 liter, 5 liters. All bottles are packing in cartons.

Zhivoy yantar

«Zhivoy yantar» — this is famous brand in Russia. Bright packaging makes the bottle remember. You can buy this sunflower oil in PET bottles in volumes 1 liter or 5 liter. We can translate label in nessesry language. Or post more information on our bottles for you.

We can change design or volume PET bottles, if you need it. All terms are disscuss with managers of our company.

«Youzhny polyus» — this is our own trade mark. Maintaining a good name and concluding long-term contracts is our main objective. So we just have perfect sunflower oil and our managers can always help you.

Sunflower granulled meal is a product obtained after pressing vegetable oil on presses of various designs from sunflower seeds that have been prepared. Sunflower meal is a concentrated feed for farm animals, one of the components of animal feed.

Sunflower oil meal
Sunflower granulled meal

We wait you call. Please contact our managers. All telephones on Contact page. All numbers aviable in WhatsApp or WeChat.

Also Russian coocing sunflower oil we produce soap. Please read information about in firma-meridian website.

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