Oil Extraction Plant in Kropotkin Sunflower oil producer in Krasnodar region
Sunflower oil produced by the oil extraction plant «Yuzhnyi Polyus» in Kropotkin of Krasnodar region you can buy in Russia, CIS countries and in foreign countries.
Our products are sold under the trademarks «Yuzhnyi Polyus», «Kranodarskoe otbornoe», «Zhivoi Yantar», «Salima».
We produce deep-frying oil.
It is possible to produce sunflower oil with the addition of soy (vegetable mixture) under the customer's order.
The plant has implemented its own quality and control system
We produce sunflower oil of the highest grade according to GOST 1129-2013
The products are certified in the VCS «Halal»
Advantages of our oil
Why do customers choose our oils
Raw material
Environmentally friendly
sunflower seeds
grown in the fields
of the Krasnodar region
Exemplary production
and management. 

More than one million
tons of oilseeds
Our own quality control
system guarantees
the production of
premiumgrade oil

Our brands
Ready products that we produce
Services of the oil extraction plant «Yuzhnyi Polyus»
We provide services for refining, deodorization, bottling and packing of sunflower oil
We pour sunflower oil into PET bottles with a capacity of 0.9l, 1l, 1.8l, 2l, 2.7l, 4.5l and 5 liters
Packing of oil is carried out in PET bottles with a capacity of 0.9l, 1l, 1.8l, 2l, 2.7l, 4.5l and 5 liters
It is possible to pack products under your trademark.
We deliver sunflower oil in Russia and abroad by road, sea and rail.