Production process
at Yuzhnyi Polyus oil mill
Seed receiving
Sunflower seeds are admitted to the oil mill only after the approval of our own laboratory. That is why we always have high-quality source raw materials.
Cleaning and drying
Cleaning, drying, dehulling (destruction) of the seed hull and its separation from the kernel form the next stage in the production process of sunflower oil making. Then the seeds are crushed, and the resulting mixture is subjected to hydrothermal treatment, and then it is roasted.
The prepared seeds are heated prior to oil extraction. Thus, oil preserves all its health benefits and also becomes more fragrant. Then the oil is settled, filtered, and processed further.
Oilcake obtained during the extraction process is pelletized and used in agriculture as a high-protein concentrated animal feed.

At this stage, several operations are performed at once.
Settling, filtration and centrifuging make it possible to clean sunflower oil from mechanical impurities.
Hydration process removes protein and mucilaginous material.
During the neutralization stage, free fatty acids, heavy metals and pesticides are removed.

The next stage is for extraction of free fatty acids and oil bleaching.
Deodorization destroys odorous substances, which lead to oxidation.
All these stages of oil clarification from unwanted impurities increase oil shelf life.

Winterizing removes waxy turbid substances and makes oil more transparent.

Sunflower oil undergoes all stages of clarification at our oil mill.

We have an automated high-capacity line for sunflower oil bottling.
At first, polyethylene terephthalate blanks are loaded into a device, which blows bottles for sunflower oil out of them.
These bottles are supplied to the oil filling line. When a bottle is filled, it is sealed. Labels are put on the bottles and production date is printed. Filling of bottles with sunflower oil is controlled automatically, enabling the minimization of defective goods percentage.

Our line excludes the possibility of sunflower oil getting on the exterior surface of the bottle. Thereby a marketable state of oil is ensured.

Filled bottles are packed into corrugated cardboard boxes.

Prepared boxes are placed onto euro-pallets and handed over to customers as such.

We can print your logo on the boxes and bottles with sunflower oil, if you wish.